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A little about me...

Hi I'm Gio, it's great to meet you and thank you for stopping by. I am a freelance web developer looking to build experience and a portfolio, which is good news for you! I have studied a course in full stack web development which means I have the skills to build advanced custom websites and web applications but won't charge you the extortionate prices you'd expect from an agency.

Below you can read about just some of the things I can offer for you, or your small business.

Check out my blog to see how I got started and keep up to date with what I'm working on.

What's the offer?

Web Sites

I can build a website to suit your individual needs. Whether it be a blog, an information page, a tool to aid your organisation or something completely unique. I will work to your specification and turn your thoughts and ideas into a reality. Sites like these will have low costs involved and relatively little turn around time.

Web Apps

What is the difference between a website and a web app? It has no set in stone definition however, a web app has better functionality and interactivity. Giving you the freedom of an e-shop, a booking page, a user log-in feature, or something more unique. Whereas a website may be just informative, you can only read what is on the page and it may contain limited functionality.


I will continually create themes and templates as a hobby and you can choose one of these to speed up production time, or to keep it simple. However, as a bespoke service I am happy to work on a design you have made yourself or help you build a design from scratch. Lets work together to create something beautiful and fit for purpose!


As promised, I believe in a tailored bespoke service that does not come with any hidden agenda. My values are to be open and honest, jargon free (unless you choose otherwise) and dedicated. When I work with you, I will provide you with updates as regularly as you'd like. Anything that isn't to your satisfaction along the way can be changed.

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